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Many people fail to reach their health and fitness goals every day and for the initial part of my career, I thought that this could be changed through the physical but, lasting change requires a complete approach. Wellbeing and lifestyle factors such as nutrition, movement, sleep and social behaviours are all things we need to consider when trying to reach our goals. If you are looking for a personal fitness solution that is comprehensive and suits your individual needs, please get in touch for a consultation. 

Perhaps like many of my clients, you may be experiencing pain during movement and whenever you start to up the miles or engage in activities, you feel your body somehow lets you down. You may have received treatment, advice and even exercises in the past but you still haven't improved completely. Don't worry you're not alone. Working in a variety of clinical settings, with all types of conditions and injuries I've successfully achieved real results for my clients.  From pre to postoperative programmes to performance-based sport. I am passionate about helping all my clients achieve pain-free movement.

As a lifestyle and nutrition coach, I am here to guide you in setting the right foundations to achieve your goals. From injury recovery and prevention to performance and functional-based athlete coaching, weight loss, or muscle gain, I would like to help you succeed. I am a movement, rehabilitation and performance specialist trained and skilled in biomechanics, rehabilitation, nutrition, human movement, behaviour, and performance. I have successfully helped many clients recover from injury, improve overall function and wellbeing so they can keep enjoying the things they love. 

3D Movement Analysis & Performance Systems

I specialise in gait analysis, running, golf and tennis analysis and all sports biomechanics. I have experience in working with runners, golfers, triathletes, rugby players, dancers, tennis players, martial artists, and anyone wanting to improve their function and performance. If you want to improve efficiency and performance and reduce the likelihood of injury recurrence please get in touch.


Want to improve the way you move?

The most comprehensive functional analysis system for optimal movement and performance improvement. Utilising six vital transformational zones to help assess the motion in the main joint complexes for all types of functional activities. 



I work with young athletes from junior rugby players, tennis players, golfers all the way through to seniors. 


Assessing your unique movement profile and using your individual success code let's improve the way you move. 


Helping you restore normal function after injury and getting you back to the things you love to do.


Get online access to a robust performance system for ongoing enhancement. For support and progress.



Do you want help becoming the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you?

Exercise alone will not give you the results you want, it’s the reason why so many people fail to reach their goals and because we’re all busy and stressed and have our own unique life challenges it’s hard to focus on a healthy eating plan. 

With so much information available to us, knowing how much to eat and what to eat is usually the easy part, the real challenge is figuring out how to follow through on your healthy eating plan. Let’s bust some myths about why calorie-controlled diets don’t work, are bad for you and discuss how a nutrient-dense diet can make lasting change.

No matter what your dietary preferences are, let me help you through the process of change.  

Want to train or work with me?

If you would like to book an appointment or need more information please get in touch. 

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