Sheldon Allen

Movement Specialist

Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)
Functional Manual Reaction (FMR)
Functional Golf Specialist (FGS)
Health & Nutrition Life Coach
Sports Massage Therapist
Elite Personal Trainer

As a movement, rehabilitation, performance specialist and personal trainer I work with clients of all ages and abilities. I'm also a nutrition and lifestyle coach and can help empower, support and guide you in setting the foundations to achieve your goals. From injury recovery and prevention to performance and functional-based athlete coaching, weight loss, or muscle gain. I am passionate about helping people move and improve their health and wellbeing.


Many people fail to reach their health and fitness goals every day and for the initial part of my career, I thought that this could be achieved through the physical. However, lasting change needs a mind-first approach. Lifestyle choices such as movement, nutrition, sleep and social behaviours areelements to consider when trying to reach our goals. Let me empower you with an holistic, uniquely individualised training and lifestyle approach that will help you create lasting change.

I am trained and skilled in nutrition, human movement, biomechanics, rehabilitation, behaviour change, and performance and have successfully helped many clients recover from injury, improve overall function and wellbeing so they can keep enjoying the things they love. 


I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and have been working in the medical and healthcare field for over 10 years. I am a Fellow in Applied Functional Science® (FAFS), Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR) and a Functional Golf Specialist® (FGS) through the Gray Institute. I am uniquely trained in an mechanotherapy. 

I have qualified and attained certifications in functional movement screening (FMS), 3D MAPS® (3D Movement Analysis and Performance Systems) and certified as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach. I am a health and fitness coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and qualified as an advanced kettlebell instructor. I am also recognised as an advanced FMS expert, corrective exercise specialist and Y-Balance certified.

As an educator and deliver courses to clinicians, coaches, trainers, and instructors by helping those in the movement, health and wellbeing fields bridge the gaps between movement, exercise, and pain. 


Since I was young, I have been fascinated by how our bodies function and move. I excelled as a sportsman and achieved both school and provincial colours for swimming and athletics. I was a dancer and enjoyed five years of amateur boxing and even spent time as a stuntman. In 1998, I acted as Dolph Lundgren’s body double in the film Sweepers, shot on location in South Africa.


An individualised movement, exercise, rehabilitation, or performance plan is designed around you as the individual, your goals, your needs and your abilities. Sessions are tailored to give you the best results.

I specialise in...  

  • Nutrition

  • Loaded Movement Training (VIPR) 

  • Advanced Kettlebell Training

  • Bodyweight Training 

  • Boxercise, Kickboxercise, Speed Pads 

  • TRX & Suspension Training 

  • Tai Chi 

  • Advanced Functional Rehabilitation 

  • Injury Management 

  • Injury Prevention 

  • Running Injuries

  • Running & Gait Analysis   

  • Golf Analysis & Performance 

  • Tennis Analysis & Performance 

  • All Sports - Biomechanics  


  • Rosie

    "As a scoliosis sufferer, I was in desperate need of someone who understood my condition and would be able to help me to improve my posture, balance and core strength. I have had personal training sessions with Sheldon for over two years and the difference this has made to my physical strength, as well as my posture and spine alignment, is a dramatic improvement.

    His tailor-made sessions are just what I needed to get my strength and spine alignment back on track and through dynamic movement and muscle co-ordination exercises, I feel I am in the best hands and stronger than ever. Sheldon’s knowledge of functional movement and corrective exercise has been really motivating and his support and encouragement over the years have really helped with my confidence as well as my core strength. His boxercise sessions are also definitely a highlight!"

  • Daniel

    "I approached Sheldon two years ago with the aim of making my injury-prone body a bit more robust. Sheldon combines his superb knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system with a very large array of functional movement exercises, which makes his training very tailored to my specific needs.

    The sessions with him are always fun and have not just helped me to build strength, but also to significantly improve the quality of my movements. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he is in a PT league of his own!"

  • Tom

    Sheldon has given me a deeper understanding of how my body functions when performing the golf swing. I now understand that if I cannot perform a specific movement, my body may try to compensate, which could mean doing something that may be bad for my body. For example: putting other muscles and joints at risk.

    He has helped me to improve my range of motion and improved my golf swing, but at no point had he altered any technical aspect of my golf swing. Working alongside my coach he has helped me to access more movement, improved my balance, and increased strength leading to a faster and more fluid swing.

    The daily sets of movements he has given me have greatly improved my form, which has increased my clubhead speed, and power. My impact zone is more powerful, and my fitness levels have improved allowing me to swing the club at a higher speed for longer. 

  • Alistair

    "I first went to see Sheldon over 3 years ago with the ambition of improving my core strength; to help my posture and alleviate some lower back pain. Not only has my posture and back improved significantly I have also learnt a tremendous amount about how best to maintain my body through a wide range of functional movements.

    Sheldon has also helped me train for an endurance cycle event, which I would never have attempted or been able to complete without his help. I continue to see Sheldon regularly and I would not hesitate to recommend Sheldon to anyone and am very grateful for all of his assistance over the years."

  • John

    Sheldon combines a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system with a patient but appropriately persistent training style.

    This has delivered real and enduring results in my strength and flexibility of movement.


  • Fellow of Applied Function Science ® (FAFS)

  • Functional Manual Reaction ® (FMR)
  • Functional Golf Specialist ® (FGS)
  • Sports Massage Therapist (STLUK)
  • Certified in Applied Functional Science ® (CAFS)
  • Certified in 3D Movement Analysis and Performance Systems (3D MAPS®)
  • CBT Coach (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Health & Fitness Coach (NASM)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS Level 1)
  • Advanced Corrective Exercise (FMS Level 2)
  • Gait Analysis - Lower Extremity Level 1
  • Gait Analysis - Spine and Pelvis Level 2
  • Functional Running Biomechanics Level 1
  • Tai Chi Instructor

  • Health & Nutrition Life Coach

  • Advanced Kettlebell Instructor

  • Agility, Quickness, and Reactivity AQR (TWIST)

  • Sport Core (TWIST)

  • Sport Balance (TWIST)

  • Advanced Boxercise Instructor (Boxercise)

  • Kickboxercise Instructor (Boxercise)

  • Mohamed Ali Speed Pads Certified (Boxercise)

  • Circuits Instructor (FIE)

  • CIMSPA Personal Trainer Practitioner

  • Registered Exercise Professional

  • Girevoy Sport Union Member (GSU)

  • DBS Checked


Service Areas  Claygate | Esher | Surrey | Cobham | Oxshott | Malden Rushett | Elmbridge | Chessington 

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